Is the use of the mask recommended?

  • The use of masks when not indicated can generate unnecessary costs and create a false sense of security;;
  • In addition, the mask must be properly adjusted to the face to ensure its effectiveness and reduce the risk of transmission

All professionals should receive instructions on how to use, remove, dispose, and hand hygiene before and after use.

Correct use of the mask

  • Put the mask on carefully to cover the mouth and nose and tie it securely, to minimize the gaps between the face and the mask;
  • While in use, avoid touching the mask;
  • Remove the mask using the proper technique (do not touch the front, and remove it by loosening the straps)
  • After removing it, or whenever you inadvertently touch the used mask, wash your hands with alcohol or water and liquid soap (or foam)
  • Immediately discard the mask after removal, disposable masks are not permitted;
  • If the mask is wet, replace it with a new one, clean and dry;
  • Cloth masks ( cotton or gauze) are not recommended under any circumstances.
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