For Cleaning Team Professionals

Sanitation of Environments

General Guidelines

  • Clean and disinfect equipment and materials in the room.
  • Clean and disinfect the rooms;
  • Clean the floor with a damp cloth;
    Use appropriate materials and methods to sweep without causing dust to airborne;

  • Disinfect table, phone, cell phone, keyboard from all sectors;

  • Disinfect handles and support bars frequently, using chlorine diluted in water. Mix 250 ml of bleach with 5 liters of water:
          Smaller portions to avoid waste;
          Avoid storing what remains of the mixture.

  • Pick up trash and baskets and disinfect. Containers should be emptied regularly, especially if they contain tissues and material used for cough hygiene;
  • Wash and sanitize toilets;
  • Wash windows, lamps, and blinds;
  • Wash the walls, removing stains and dirt along with switch mirrors, door handles, and knobs;
  • Clean all internal and external surfaces of furniture;
  • Maintain natural ventilation in environments and reduce the use of air conditioners and use when strictly necessary.
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